New release by Labyrinthus Stellarum “Vortex Of The Worlds”

The new album Labyrinthus Stellarum will be released at 06.04.2024.
Second full-length album by musicians from Ukrainian city of Odesa.

Embark on a cosmic journey with Labyrinthus Stellarum, an atmospheric black metal force hailing from the landscapes of Odesa, Ukraine. Formed at the convergence of ethereal melodies and ferocious black metal aggression, Labyrinthus Stellarum emerges as a celestial entity, weaving intricate sonic tapestries that traverse the realms of the unknown. The name itself echoes the complexity of our sound – a labyrinthine journey through stellar expanses.

Labyrinthus Stellarum invites you to join their cosmic pilgrimage, where the boundaries between black metal and electronic experimentation dissolve, giving rise to a singular, atmospheric odyssey. As you embark on this sonic adventure, get ready to get lost in the mysterious Labyrinthus Stellarum. Space awaits your dive.

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New release by Labyrinthus Stellarum “Vortex Of The Worlds”